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Monday, February 20, 2006


Academic & Visiting Critic Appointments

Yale University School of Art.
Visiting Lecturer in Graphic Design,
Fall 1996 - Present.

New York University.
Interactive Telecommunications Program.
Assistant Adjunct Professor,
Spring 1996 - Present.

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.
Undergraduate Program in Graphic Design.
Visiting Professor,
Fall 1994.

Columbia University School of Architecture.
Visiting Critic, October 1996 and May 1997.

Yale University.
Undergraduate Program in Architecture.
Visiting Critic, April 1997.

North Carolina State University.
B.A. & M.F.A. Programs in Graphic Design.
Visiting Critic, March 1997.

Editorial Affiliations

Eye magazine.
Media Columnist, Spring 1996 - Present.

I.D. magazine.
Contributing Editor, Spring, 1994 - Present.

Print magazine.
Contributing Editor, Spring 1993 - Fall 1995.

Published Work: Books

Six (+2) Essays on Design and New Media.
New York: William Drenttel New York, 1995 and 1997.

"Paul Rand: The Modern Professor."
in Steven Heller, ed., Paul Rand: A Monograph.
London: Phaidon Ltd., 1998. (forthcoming)
License to Risk: The Square Revisited.
A History of the Square in Graphic Design and Architecture.

Published Work: Essays

"Paul Rand: American Modernist."
The New Republic, September 1997. (forthcoming)

"Cult of the Scratchy: Design for The New Millennium."
The AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, 16:1 (Spring 1998). (forthcoming)

"Sensory Montage."
Eye, 6:25 (Summer 1997). (forthcoming)

"Geometry is Never Wrong: De Stijl and Cyberspace."
Eye, 6:24 (Spring 1997) 8-9.

"I Design Therefore I Am: Avatars and the Visualization of Online Identities."
Eye, 6:23 (Winter 1996) 8-9.

"The Myth of Real Time"
Eye, 6:22 (Autumn 1996) 8-9.

"New Narrative Structures for Multimedia: The Legacy of Film."
Print, 49:5 (September/October 1995) 98-101.
Reprinted in Petracca, Michael and Madeleine Sorapure, eds. Common Culture: Reading and Writing About American Popular Culture. 2nd edition. New York: Prentice-Hall, 1998. (forthcoming)

"A Flock of Ducks: Design and The New Webbed Utopia."
Print, 49:3 (May/June 1995) 98-101.

"The Culture of Reciprocity: A New Perspective for Design Education."
Print, 49:1 (January/February 1995) 98-102.

"The Pleasure of the Text[ure]: Why Most Multimedia is Boring."
Print, 48:5 (September/October 1994) 93-101.

"Electronic Typography: The New Visual Language."
Print, 48:3 (May/June 1994) 98-101.

"Design and the Play Instinct: Morality, Mediocrity and Mischief."
Print, 48:2 (March/April 1994) 98-105.

"Future Shocks."
The AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, 12:1 (Winter 1994) 12-15.

Published Work: Reviews and Criticism

"Between the Lions: Television You Have to Read."
The AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, 15:2 (Spring 1997) 15-16.

"Review of Wired Style: Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age."
I.D., 44:2 (March/April 1997) 95.

"1997 ID 40: John Plunkett and Barbara Kuhr."
I.D., 44:1 (January/February 1997) 83.

"Ownership, Authorship, and Credit in the Digital Age."
The AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, 14:3 (Fall 1996) 4.

"Great Opportunities: Celebrating Design, English Style."
The AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, 12:3 (Winter 1995) 9-10.

"Typography for the People."
The AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, 12:2 (Winter 1994) 11.

"Hypertext: Text that Grows."
I.D., 41:5 (September/October 1994) 95.

"Reading, Writing, and RAM: How the digital revolution is changing the face of K-12 education at a New York City school."
I.D., 41:6 (November 1993) 61.

"A Designer and a Poet: A Profile of Paul Rand."
The Philadelphia Inquirer: View section (H1, 6), February 13, 1993.

"Let Us Now Praise Not-so-Famous Art Directors."
The AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, 11:3 (1993) 6-7.

Edited Publications

Helfand, Jessica, guest editor. "Design in Motion."
The AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, 16:1 (Spring 1998). (forthcoming)

Helfand, Jessica, D.K. Holland, and Chipp Kidd, editors.
Graphic Design America Two: Portfolios from the Best and Brightest Design Firms from Across the United States. New York: Rockport Publishers, 1997.

Helfand, Jessica, guest editor. "What's Next?"
The AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, 12:2 (Spring 1994).

Panel Discussions, Profiles and Interviews

Sheetz, Allan. "Interview with Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel." Mind, (Fall 1997). (forthcoming).

Allison, Nicholas. "Portfolio: Jessica Helfand."
Adobe Magazine, 8:1 (November 1996) 53-56.

Schuyler, Nina and Vivian Barad. "It's Not Just E-Male: The Top 21 Women in New Media." Working Woman, (June 1996 ) 38-43.

Hise, Phaedra. "Does Your Org @ WWW?" (roundtable discussion).
@Issue (Journal of The Corporate Design Foundation), 2:1 (Spring 1996) 26-31.

MacDonald, Nico. "Go In at the Top and Redefine the Project." (profile)Eye, 5:20 (Spring 1996) 6-7. Abrams, Janet. "Cyberspace in Manhattan." (profile)Blueprint, 128 (May 1996) 28-32. MacMillan, Sam. "Untangling the Web." (profile on Discovery Channel Online)Communication Arts, 37:7 (December 1995).

Shipside, Steve. "Special Report: American Frontiers." (profile)
Graphics International, 27 (June/July 1995) 50-51.

Beirut, Michael. "Post-Offset: A Roundtable Discussion of the Future of Print."
Rethinking Design II: The Future of Print. Published by Mohawk Paper, Spring 1995 30-35.

"The 1994 I.D. Interactive Multimedia Roundtable." (roundtable discussion).
I.D., 41:2 (March/April 1994) 37-43.

Secondary Works: Design Portfolios

Helfand, Jessica, et al. editors. Graphic Design America Two: Portfolios from the Best and Brightest Design Firms from Across the United States.New York: Rockport Publishers, 1997.Bierut, Michael, et al. editors. Graphic Design New York Two: The Work of Thirty-Six Design Firms from the City that Put Graphic Design on the Map. New York: Rockport Publishers, 1997.

Selected Lectures

"DeStijl and the Art of the Internet."New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program. March 1997.

"Recombinant Geometries: The New Art of the Internet."
North Carolina State University.
Raleigh, March 24, 1997.(Lecture with William Drenttel).

"Visualizing Concepts: New Models for New Media."
The Netherlands Design Institute. Amsterdam, October 1996.

"Visualizing Concepts: New Models for New Media."
New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program. September 1996.

"Zenith's Epic: An Experiment in Interactive Biography."
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. New York, April 1996.

"Design in New Media: Defining an Editorial Model."
Columbia School of Journalism, New Media Centers. Interactive Publishing and Design Conference. New York, May 1995.(Lecture with William Drenttel).

"Designing in Time."
The American Concepts Conference.
Orlando, February 1994.

"Magazine Cover Design: A Macintosh Workshop."
Society of Publication Designers,
Electronic Design Show-and-Tell Symposium.
New York, October 1993.

"Newspapers and Magazines: Design, Form and Content."University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, March 1992.

Design, Illustration and Photography Juries
New York Art Director's Club Competition, February 1997.High Five Student Internet Design Awards, January 1997. Society of Publication Designers Contest, 1995. I.D. Design Review Interactive Jury (Chair), 1995. Washington Society of Illustrators, 1993. American Illustration, 1993. New England Press Photographers Association, 1992. American Society of Magazine Photographers/Philadelphia, 1992.

Selected AwardsThe New York Art Directors" Club.1996 Gold Medal in New Media for Discovery Channel Online. May 1996In addition, over 75 awards in design excellence from the American Institute of Graphic Arts; Society of Newspaper Designers; Society of Publication Designers; American Institute of Graphic Arts 50 Books Show; Type Directors Club; I.D. magazine; Print and Communication Arts Regional Design Annuals; and American Illustration.


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